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Hours: 7am–3pm

Transportation Philosophy

The main goal for Independent Steps is to provide the Consumers safe and adequate transportation to meet their needs.

  • Create an environment where the Consumer feels confident and secure while being transported to our facilities/activities and from our facilities/activities to home.
  • Recognize a Support system that includes the IS Staff, family, friends, and neighbors who will be involved in securing the consumer’s safety when picking up and delivering the consumer at home.
  • Show and provide Instruction in Safety, health and risk of endangerment. Consumer will be instructed on techniques and prompts to not only build confidence while being transported but also avoid situations that may cause harm such as removing the seatbelt while the vehicle is moving. 
  • Consumer will learn to recognize authority figures such as a Police, Firemen, emergency response team and others. 
  • The Consumer will learn emergency procedure such as vehicle accident, fire, earthquake etc


The Transportation component at Independent Steps reflects a pattern of activities similar to those of non-disabled adults/Children. The program is designed to safe and effective transportation from home to the program and from the program to home.

1. Independent Steps main objective is to provide safe and effective transportation to each consumer by providing safe vehicles, trained and qualified staff and to organize the consumers in smaller groups that will allow us to get each one to their destination with in 1 hr.

2. Ongoing monitoring.

  • To track attendance affectively.
  • To review that the individual plan for each consumer remains adequate to his/her needs and preferences.
  • To prevent that the consumer actions/decisions in any way endangers the consumer’s health, safety and well being.

3. Independent Hands will assist the consumer in:

  • Arriving to the program/home on time.
  • Instructing the consumer in safety issues while the vehicle is moving.
  • Instructing the consumer in what to do in case of an emergency.

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