Adult Development Day Program (ADP) – 510

Hours: 8am–2pm

Independent Steps main objective is to provide the Consumers a safe environment where each one can feel confident and secure while working to achieve their individual goals. 

Our program has a 1:4 ratio that allows the consumer to learn individual skills in a group setting. This model allows each consumer to visualize the development of others while working on their own personal skills. ISADAP main idea is to facilitate the Consumer achievable simple goals that will allow him/her to grow their confidence and their self-esteem.

ISADAP has developed a program that provides the consumer a variety of activities where he/she can exercise their free choice. The contributions of an adult program to a developmental disable consumer are widely recognized. By providing opportunities for regular activities, an adult day program contributes directly to the mental and physical well being of Consumers. These activities allow the Consumer to develop skills that will allow them to live as independent as possible in their home and /or community environment.

Our program is based on the following components:

  • Life Skills
  • Community Access
  • Personal development

Our Consumers can expect to have experienced and respectful care and supervision. Consumers come from a broad range of abilities, strengths and difficulties in terms of social, cognitive, and physical functioning. Our philosophy is to guide the consumer’s activities to maintain, restore, and improve their individual skills.

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