Adaptive Skills Training (AST) – 605

Hours: 7am–8pm

The AST program at Independent Hands reflects a pattern of activities similar to those of non-disabled adults. The program is designed to develop and maintain the consumer’s functional skills so that he/she is able to make good decisions on the daily basis. The scheduled training activities in the program was designed to ensure that the entire direct services are provided by AST Instructors whose main goal is to work towards achieving the Consumer’s individual objectives contained in the IPP.

1. Independent Hands main objective will be for the consumer to learn to take responsibility in making life decisions. IH will provide activities that will allow the consumer to develop a positive self image and self esteem so that he/she can gradually increase his/her independence and self advocacy.

2. Ongoing monitoring.

  • To track progress made by the consumer and to ensure that there is a significant change in the consumer’s ongoing needs and choices.
  • To review that the individual plan for each consumer remains adequate to his/her needs and preferences.
  • To prevent that the consumer actions/decisions in any way endangers the consumer’s health, safety and well being.

3. Independent Hands will assist the consumer in:

  • Learning the skills to improve the consumer’s quality of life.
  • Instructing the consumer on ways to be part of the community and how to use the community resources to enrich and satisfy his/her needs.
  • To instruct the consumer in community integration and enrichment through the development of interpersonal relationships and more effective communication skills in order to create and maintain successful support from those in the community, neighbors and family members.

The Activities will include teaching and constant monitoring to encourage progress. Especial attention will be given to the Consumer’s ability to make decisions and the effects that this may cause in his/her life. The main focus will be to allow the Consumer to build his/her self-esteem by making decisions effectively.

These are the areas to cover:

  • Community Access
  • Behavior shopping and management
  • Leisure skills
  • Computer training
  • Self-administration of medication
  • Personal and home safety
  • Emergency procedure/First Aid
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Health Management
  • Parental Support
  • Educational Training
  • Self-advocacy
  • College training
  • Money Management

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